Blue Room Archives – Available Again!

I’m very happy to announce that the Blue Room archives are available again. See my October 18 post on the blog here for the reasons that they weren’t available. I have created a complete volume 37 that finally captures all of the messages that were ever released on the Blue Room (We were missing a […]

Blue Room Archives – Status

About a month ago, there was some discussion on the Tekumel Yahoo Group about the Blue Room archives. I had assumed that they were available on the Tekumel Web site. I discovered that was not the case, and that some had been posted on the Tekumel file area, but not all of them. Knowing the […]

My Experience Attending the Tekumel Foundation Strategic Planning Meeting

(Ed. note: Chris Davis has generously provided his thoughts from our recent strategic planning session – enjoy!) Hi Everyone. In May, after the memorial ceremony for Professor Barker, I was asked to come back to Minneapolis in June and participate in a Strategic Planning session for the Tekumel Foundation and also to observe a Foundation board meeting. I […]