Journey to the Naqsái Lands

2 Trantór 2371

Kushí’il Island
We sighted land – a swampy, low island. Writhing eel-like things rose out of the shallow muddy water. The captain steered the ship to the eastern side of what must be the main port, but more closely resembles a mud village. Our sailors told stories about malicious Shén, pirates, and thieves. Legends tell that anyone who lands here never leaves again, but we need to put in for fresh water.
There was some argument. Mridék wanted the Shén to go into town to buy fresh water, but they didn’t want to. They finally agreed and after a time they returned saying that they’d bought sufficient amounts of water from a Tinalíya merchant who would deliver it later. All the while I watched the black Shén ships come and go from the port. They were close enough that I could hear their barking, growling language as commands were given.
Later we pulled out and headed for Ssorvá. It was hot and humid with no wind. The ship moved slowly with limp sails. Davé had a deck of the round leather Livyáni playing cards and spent time sitting on the deck playing á’ab with the crew members. We saw plenty of Shén ships passing in both directions.

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