FAQ: what does "Approved for Tekumel" mean?

What does “Approved for Tekumel” mean?  Material produced by Prof. Barker during his lifetime, and material created by others which he specifically authorized, is considered canonical.  The Tekumel Foundation will authorize new material that passes review as “approved for Tekumel.”  “Approved for Tekumel” means that the material has been examined and critically reviewed to ensure that it fits into the World of Tekumel.  The Foundation will approve material that is of high quality and is consistent with Prof. Barker’s own vision.
How do I submit my material for review and possible approval?  Generally speaking, if you would like for your material to be labelled as “Approved for Tekumel” you will need to send it to the Tekumel Foundation for critical review.  There is a distinction made between non-commercial “fan” publication and for-profit publication – you can find out more about that here.  If you intend to produce something for sale, you should first send a letter of inquiry to the Tekumel Foundation (more details about how to do this here).  For larger projects it may be necessary for the Foundation to review a draft or complete business plan.

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