Blue Room Archives – Available Again!

Blue Room-maintitle
I’m very happy to announce that the Blue Room archives are available again. See my October 18 post on the blog here for the reasons that they weren’t available.
I have created a complete volume 37 that finally captures all of the messages that were ever released on the Blue Room (We were missing a handful in the old release).
In this current incarnation they are still plain old text files. Peter Gifford, the esteemed webmaster of www.tekumel.com has some ideas on reformatting them. I am looking forward to seeing what he wants to do with them. But until that time, they can be downloaded now from www.tekumel.com under the Tekumel Archives section. Just click here to be taken directly to the download page. You can download individual digests, or the whole thing in a zip file.
Thanks everyone, for being patient.
Chris Davis

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